As of 2018.12.10


My name is Chris LoPresto. I lead engineering and design teams. We build software products that make sense to humans. I play the piano.


2016 - Present
Where I lead design system and front end architectures
as Staff Engineer


  • Built and launched our design system. Revamped design workflows. Led engineering effort to launch Betterment's rebrand across all web properties. Presented how we did it all in 8 weeks.
  • Built Two-Factor Authentication for Betterment Accounts. Blogged about how we did it.
  • Helped lead company migration onto Asana as part of internal communication architecture revamp.

Yapp / Yapp Labs

2015 - 2016
Where I melded engineering and design teams


Elegant and Tasteful

2014 - 2015
When I freelanced and learned about NASCAR


  • Rebuilt front-end from the ground up, a responsively designed overhaul provided by Code and Theory.
  • Built dev ops processes for dev ops consultancy Symonds & Son. Automated infrastructure updates propagated to all of their customers on an ongoing basis.
  • Helped Work Better revamp internal communication architecture and project management.


2011 - 2014
When I co-founded a startup
as CTO & Co-Founder

Plyfe was a consumer-facing social engagement platform that enabled brands to embed interactive experiences – personality quizzes, video polls, etc. – in their web properties. The self-service platform provided real-time user activity data analysis and reporting.

As the technical co-founder, I started building Plyfe from scratch in September 2011. We built up a team of 10 engineers at our peak. As the company evolved, I assumed user experience and product leadership roles.

News Corp / Skiff

2008 - 2010
Where I built an ePub newspaper publishing engine
as Director of Content Publishing

I led a team of 20 engineers and designers that built a publishing system to automatically design ePub editions of the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. on the fly. Our content evoked the look and feel of each publication when displayed on the 11.5 inch Skiff e-reader.

The Skiff e-reader garnered buzz at CES in January 2010 but sadly never saw the light of day. When Skiff was acquired by News Corp later that year, I helped with Project Alesia, a similar digital news platform they were developing at the time.


2005 - 2008
Where I worked on the Patriot Missile System
as Lead Software Engineer & Project Manager

Microdesk has a software team that specializes in geospatial projects and Autodesk customization. I worked as a software engineer and also began to manage projects here.


Fantastic Damage

2004 - 2005
When I started a web development business
as Co-Founder

At a time when people considered Flash intros a good idea, we developed dynamic, accessible, aesthetically-pleasing web applications. Our proprietary CMS that enabled customers to control their own content was a novel idea back then.


2002 - 2004
Where I dealt in big data and corporate flair
as Software Engineer

Developed large-scale financial data processing workflows across the US, UK, and Ireland divisions of the company.

Fully expanded, MBNA America Bank, N.A. stands for Maryland Bank National Association America Bank National Association.


I grew up playing piano and have a jazz performance degree. I play several other instruments and have worked as a freelance session musician with independent and major label recording artists.


2010 - 2011

In 2010, Epic Records assembled a band for Roc Nation recording artist Hugo. I played keyboards and sang background vocals. We toured the US with bands like The Script and One Eskimo, playing in iconic venues throughout the country. We also performed in an Olympic arena in Beijing.


Miscellaneously, I...


Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Music (piano) in Jazz Studies

1998 - 2002

Salesianum School

Wilmington, DE

Tenui Nec Dimittam

1994 - 1998